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Scream Queens Outfits I’m Obsessed With

Chanel Oberlin Get The Look Every time October rolls around I always have this uncontrollable urge to rewatch the iconic tv show Scream Queens. Starring Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin, and her band of minions known as the Chanels; a serial killer haunts their usually prestigious sorority, which is now occupied by the school’s misfits […]

8 Shows to watch if you loved Emily in Paris

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard all the buzz around the new Netflix series Emily in Paris. Following Lily Collins as Emily Cooper as she tries to navigate her new job in Paris and becoming an influencer, all while she gets wrapped up in a love triangle. If like me and […]

31 Autumn Nails You’ll Be Obsessed With

Say goodbye to bright florals and pastel nail polish and say hello to berry reds, earth tones and spooky art. I’ve put together a list jam packed with nail inspo to get you in the autumnal spirit – all from incredibly talented nail artists on Instagram. Whether you’re looking for something cute and girly, over […]

Fall Outfits You Need in Your Wardrobe

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons next to winter. I love when the weather starts getting colder, I love cozy nights in and most of all I love the fashion. In light of this I have put together some fall outfits that you should totally rock this season! Dressed Up Starting with my favourite, […]

13 Fall Tv Shows You Need To Watch

Picture this: it’s fall; the leaves have just started to change colour and you can hear the sound of rain against your bedroom window. After making a hot chocolate you settle down under a mountain of blankets and need something cozy to watch. Well you’re in luck! Here’s 13 shows you need to watch this […]

33 Mean Girls Quotes That Are So Fetch!

So it’s October 3rd you know what that means: it’s officially Mean Girls day. In celebration of this glorious holiday here are 33 Mean Girls quotes that are so fetch! So fetch! She doesn’t even go here! You can’t sit with us! It’s October 3rd. That is the ugliest effing skirt I have ever seen […]