My Leopard Print Coat

Hello lovelies I hope you’re all doing really well! Since we’re in the middle of January and the cold weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere; I thought I’d share my favourite winter wardrobe piece: my leopard print coat. People often say that leopard print is a hit or miss… You either love it or […]

Winter Lookbook – Plaid Skirts

Hello everyone I hope you’re all doing really well. During the cooler months my style basically involves the same formula: any long sleeve top, paired with (the topic of todays post) a plaid skirt. For me I just feel so much more confident in a skirt than I do in jeans; as if I really […]

New Years Resolutions

Hi angels, welcome back to my blog! Normally I never really follow the trend of making resolutions when the clock strikes midnight; I guess my family have never put much emphasis on it. Which makes sense because I always hear how hard it is to stick to them; probably because we think that our lives […]

Welcome 🙂

Hello loves I hope you’re all doing really well. After a major blog overhaul and with the new lockdown issued here in the UK *sigh* I’ve decided to start up this blog again (properly this time). Not only has this been one of my resolutions but it will also give me something to occupy my […]